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      Dont you want to buy something? Trafford asked. Ive never known a woman go into a town without wanting to buy something."Pronounce you man and wife."

      Esmeralda, he said, very gently, very fearfully, as if he were afraid that the sound of his voice might frighten and trouble her. Have I startled you? Mother Melinda said I might come. I have been waiting all this weary timebut I will go again if you wish it, if you are not strong enough to see me.Norman started.

      The General and his staff were just reaching it. Far down behind them shone the armed host. The march ceased, the music--"then you'll rememb'"--broke off short. The column rested. "Mon Dieu!" said even the Orleans Guards, "quel chaleur! Is it not a terrib', thad sun!" Hundreds of their blue kpis, hundreds of gray shakos in the Confederate Guards, were lifted to wipe streaming necks and throats, while away down beyond our ladies' ken all the drummers of the double escort, forty by count, silently came back and moved in between the battery and its band to make the last music the very bravest. Was that Kincaid, the crowd asked, one of another; he of the thick black locks, tired cheek and brow, and eyes that danced now as he smiled and talked? "Phew! me, I shou'n' love to be tall like that, going to be shot at, no! ha, ha! But thad's no wonder they are call' the ladies' man batt'rie!"The detective said little, but Anna assured Flora that was all. "He wants to show it at the trial!"

      Pears to me, Varley, said Taffy, as Varley missed a point which would have won the game for him, that youd better chuck up cards and take to dominoes. Theyre a nice, child-like game, and dont make no call on your brain. Or how would skittles suit you? Mr. Varley Howard presents his compliments to the nobility an gentry of Three Star an other camps, an begs to inform em that, findin cards too much for his constitootion, he has opened a saloon for skittles an other infant games, where he opes to meet his former patrons at hop-scotch an peg-top. No playin for money allowed.He shook his head dully.

      So futilely ended the strain on the remembered page, but while his unsuspected gaze abode on her lifted eyes her thought prolonged the note: "If he meant love to-night, why did he not stand to his meaning when I laughed it away? Was that for his friend's sake, or is he only not brave enough to make one wild guess at me? Ah, I bless Heaven he's the kind that cannot! And still--oh, Hilary Kincaid, if you were the girl and I the man! I shouldn't be on my way home; I'd be down in this garden--." She slowly withdrew.

      The light was burning in Esmeraldas hut, and he looked toward it with a little sigh.


      "That she cannot have her Captain till--"Varley gave the slightest of nods, and Taffy leaned against a chair and sighed with maudlin tenderness.


      Zeus Hypsistos.It seemed as if he had almost lost the power of speech, there was so long a pause after her tremulous question.


      With these words Ariston led his daughter into the inner room. A cold perspiration stood on his brow, and the muscles around his lips quivered. He who60 had cleansed Byssa from blood did not yet know whose blood she had shed.