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      This conversation took place in the garden, where they breakfasted, under a square striped awning, an apology for a tent, set up on the lawn by the river. A badly cooked breakfast seemed less offensive in the garden, where the summer air, and the perfume of the roses eked out the meal. After breakfast Disney called his wife to the drawing-room, where he had brought his spoil from the East, and laid his offerings, as it were, at the feet of his idol.You cant all have her. Some of you wouldnt know what to do with her if you got her. Let six of you come round the table here; the man who gets the highest cards in the pack takes her.

      At the same instant, he saw several persons emerging from the shadow of the Oakstead woods. Mr. Bergan, Hubert Arling, and Doctor Gerrish, he recognized at a glance, and he stayed to recognize no more:these, in conjunction with Berganalive, and in possession of his facultieswere enough to show him that his deep-laid scheme had come to naught, that the prize for which he had thought, labored, and sinned, was snatched from his hands in the very moment of success. Some important figurecould it be Providence?had been overlooked or changed in his calculations, and made them all come wrong.

      "I am sorry you think so badly of poor Mr. Crowther, because I am really attached to his wife. She is one of the best women I know."

      "Nevertheless," persisted Doctor Gerrish, "it was not that poison which killed him."


      Lord Normans avowal had come upon her so suddenly as to confuse her, and also to frighten her. She scarcely understood what he meant, certainly did not realize the full significance of his passionate protestations; and yet something of the meaning of the great mystery must have penetrated to her, for her heart beat rather faster than usual, and a faint color glowed in her cheeks.


      "Yes, naturally. There's no fear of Lucy ever being anything but bones. Mother is stouter and more sedentary than ever, Lucy says. It's really dreadful. One doesn't know where it will end," added Gwendolen, looking down at her own somewhat portly figure, as if fearing hereditary evil."Pity! Yes, I pity the women in the streets! Am I to pity you, as I pity them? You, whom I worshippedwhom I thought as pure as the angelswearing nothing of earth but your frail loveliness, which to me always seemed more of spirit than of clay. And you were false all the timefalse as hellthe toy of the first idle profligate whom chance flung into your path? It was Lostwithiel! That man was right. He would hardly have dared to talk to you as he did if he had not been certain of his facts. Lostwithiel was your lover."


      "Meaning six weeks or soallowing a fortnight for the process of falling in love. Is that what you call a long time, Isola?""You have deceived me twice, Mr. Arling," he said, pleasantly; "your resemblance to your brother is really quite wonderful, and must lead to many entertaining mistakes. I have to beg your pardon," he went on, in a lower tone, "for my absurd conduct at our former meeting; I will explain to you, by and by, what I had been led, by some malicious persons, to believe that I might expect from your brother; which indignity I hastily attempted to forestall. I have since learned my error, and I now beg you to believe that I have the most friendly feelings toward you both. I am scarcely less concerned than yourself at your brother's absence, on this occasion."