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      "One behind the other," he told the milling crowd. "A line, a straight line."

      "GREAT Jehosephat, how hungry I am," suddenly ejaculated Shorty, stopping his cheering, as the thunder of the guns died away into an occasional shot after the rebels galloping back to the distant woods on the ridge from which they had emerged.

      Jim Humphreys waked up stolidly, and without a word began preparing to fall in. Alf Russell's and Monty Scruggs's faces turned ashy after they had fairly awakened, and they picked up their guns with nerveless fingers.Reuben looked at Harry with detachment. He was not in the least jealous of his position as favourite son, he had always accepted it as normal and inevitable. His parents did not openly flaunt their preference, and they were always very kind to Reubenwitness the gentleness with which he was received to-day after his escapadebut one could not help seeing that their attitude towards the elder boy was very different from what they felt for the younger.

      "Look out for yourself, reb. We're a-coming," shouted Si.


      "He'll go far, that young feller," said Realf of Grandturzel.


      "Shut that door!" cried Richard angrily, and then realised that he was speaking to a lady.Her answer was swift. "And you?"


      "What sort of a breach of the peace is this you are committing, Capt. McGillicuddy?" asked Col. McBiddle, coming up at the head of the 200th Ind. "And do you want some accomplices?"