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      "It sarves un right," said Ginner.

      Her delight in him never seemed to fail. Sometimes it seemed to him strange that the difference in their ages did not affect her more. She never gave him a hint that she thought him too old for her. He once told her that he was nearly fifty, but she had answered with a happy laugh that she did not like boys."Wot about this gal he's married?"

      Suddenly she realised that Reuben had come into the dairy, and was standing beside her, a little way behind.

      "And what about Odiam?" asked Ticehurst of Hole. "I haven't seen Backfield these three weeks, but there's a tale going r?ound as how the commissioners have bin tedious sharp, and done him out of everything he hoped to getsurelye!"

      "It's only their second day," Derban said in a low voice. "Give them time." Albin could barely hear him over the confused babble of the Alberts. He shook his head and felt a new stab of anger.

      "Wot should I have married her fur, then?"


      Once more she fell back into her state of terror and[Pg 293] delight. His coolness seemed to paralyse hershe could not act. She could only lie and watch him, trembling. Why had he changed so?he, who had never faltered in his attitude of stiff respect under her most outrageous and flirtatious digs.


      Robert bit off the end of his pencil, which his father,[Pg 160] who was looking the other way, luckily did not see. The boy crouched over the fire, trying to hide his trembling, and longing yet not daring to ask a hundred questions. He was glad and at the same time sorry when Reuben having explained to him the right and the wrong way of sowing beans, and enlarged on the wickedness of Radicals in general and Gladstone in particular, returned to Bardon's loss.


      "Because it wur meant so. If we'd bin meant fur masters d'you think we'd have bin made so liddle and dentical like?"