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      In the saddle all day, and not tired? She looks as fresh as when you started! he said to Trafford as Esmeralda ran, singing, up the steps. She is a marvel, my dear Trafforda marvel!

      Mirth, wait thou other whiles,

      In another way. Yes, I knowin another way, she said.

      All weve got, Varley! exclaimed Taffy, hoarsely.

      She raised herself on her elbow, her eyes still downcast, the long lashes sweeping her cheeks, one hand grasping the edge of the hammock.


      "I don't see," twittered Anna, "how I should have closed it! How chilly it gets toward--"


      "Miss Anna, when a fellow's trying to read the book of his fate he doesn't care for the pictures."Esmeralda laughed softly.


      '"Final Figures of the St. Louis Hotel Free-Gift Lottery and Bazaar'!" called Constance, while Anna's eyes flew over the lines.