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      "I'm going up on the boat," said Pen. "Had no way of getting the horse back. The dog can find his own way of course."

      "Never mind about my stripes, old Stringhalt. I kin take them off long enough to wallop you."

      A sailor was told off to row it ashore.

      Pen began to laugh but there was no sound of mirth in it. She began to laugh and she could not stop again. The tears ran down her face and her whole body was shaken with tearing sobs. She ran to her room. She was horribly unstrung. It was long before she could get hold of herself again.

      The buttons were gone from their garments in many essential places, and replaced by strings, nails, skewers and thorns. Worst of all, almost every one of them was nearly shoeless. A sudden impulse seized Si.

      Pen glanced at Riever through her lashes as he returned to her. The little man held himself stiffly in his blue yachting togs and walked with a suggestion of a strut. The greatest tailor in the world could not endow his meager frame with beauty or grace, but it was not to be denied that his wonderfully made clothes lent him a certain distinction.An Aid dashed across the field to the brigade commander.


      "Get up," he said, "and draw some rations. The wagons've got in from Nashville."108


      "I'd rather leave it to you," said Pen."Seems to me," said Shorty, "you're doin' a great deal of fightin' to keep us from takin' away from53 you something that we don't want and you hain't got. That's the way it looks to a man from north o' the Ohio River. Mebbe there's something in the Tennessee air that makes him see differently. I'll admit that I've changed my mind about a good many things since we crossed the river."


      "Where's the 200th Ind.?" called out Si.