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      "Pardon me," said he, "but that sort of aid, I can give myself, if it be necessary."

      "Come out for a stroll with me, Disney," he said, "and leave your wife to rest for a little while. I'm afraid she'll miss her kind nurse.""Go! Yes, of course she will go," he said to himself as the last leaf fell. "Does it need ghost from the grave or rose from the garden to tell me that?"

      "Oh, your partners are all in the supper-room, I dare say. The dancing men go in last. Hark! it's the Myosotis. Just one turnonly one."There was a coachman in the Piazza who was in the habit of driving Colonel Disney's familyan elderly man, sober, steady and attentive, with intelligence that made him almost as good as a guide. He was on the watch for his English clients every morning. They had but to appear on the Piazza, and he was in attendance, ready to take them to the utmost limit of a day's journey, if they liked. Were they in doubt where to go, he was always prompt with suggestions.

      There was something in her tone which forbade remonstrance; quickly the door shut out the fresh, young faces, and snowy, fluttering robes.



      The Major laughed outright. "I should say that was a lawyer's business," said he.Tho moon was in her second quarter, shining brilliantly, in the deep purple of a sky almost without a cloud.


      "I'm a little bit out of sorts to-night," she said.