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      The fight was still in progress when Varley got down to the camp. But it stopped suddenly when the news of Esmeraldas approaching departure spread among the crowd. It was received at first with a stony silence of amazement, then a yell of indignation and execration directed at Mr. Pinchooks unoffending head rose in the air.

      "Then I need not ask if you are heartily sick of the place?"

      "Have you sailed her long?"

      After they had inspected all the animals, and gone over the spotless dairy, with its white tiles, and newest appliances in the way of churns and milk coolers, they walked through the park, and Trafford succeeded in finding some deer. Her frankly expressed pleasure and delight in all she saw afforded him a singular pleasure; it was as if he were playing cicerone to a child or a school-girl. She was quite unembarrassed, and free from any shyness at being alone with him, and did not seem to want or expect him to make love to her in the very least, but talked to him as if he were an old friend or a fellow school-girl.


      "All married people are fools on occasion," answered Mrs. Hazelrigg. "I have often quarrelled desperately with Daniel about a mere nothingnot because he was wrong, but because I wanted to quarrel. That kind of thing clears the airlike a thunderstorm. One feels so dutiful and affectionate afterwards. Dan gave me this sapphire ring after one of our biggest rows," she added, holding up a sparkling finger."My own love, I shall think of you every day till we meet again."


      I have been hearing a great deal about you, Miss Chetwynde, she said.


      That was delicious, she said. I dont wonder at people looking so happy at balls! But isnt it hot?