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      Esmeralda got him the drink, which he disposed of at a draught. He nodded round in a comprehensive adieu and trotted off. Varley Howard invited Mr. Pinchook into the hut, and that gentleman, after removing his gloves, and pulling down his waistcoat, which had got considerably rucked up during his ride, took a card from a case and handed it to Varley.

      Where did you get it? Is it a boy or a girl? How old is it? Can it walk? Can it talk? Whats the color of its eyes? Just take it out of that darned old bag and lets have a look at it!

      "I had rather be alone," she said, wiping away her tears, and in some degree recovering her self-possession.



      Well, I am . I was head-gardener at the chateau in the old time, and now, Messieurs, if you will honour me by coming to my house and accepting some refreshment, I will show you something that will surprise you.